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February 2015



Think God doesn’t understand your financial burdens and responsibilities? Think again.

I recently met this amazing couple at a Rep intercessory dinner. Their story of miraculous providence in their careers and lives is simply jaw-dropping.
Huey & Cac: Testimony in Their Own Words
We were recently saved when we heard the Lord say He is releasing Huey from the company where Huey was working at the time. Huey obeyed the Lord and quit his work. This was during a critical time in the job market. The economy was crumbling and companies had ceased hiring, this was a risky move. But we moved on the conviction that God was more important to us then our financial security.
Unable to keep up with mortgage payments, the bank prepared us for foreclosure. And for 2 1/2 years, we tried working with the bank to avoid and delay the foreclosure process. It was a miracle that we remained in our house for that length of time because when the market crashed in 2008, banks were foreclosing houses for even just a few months of late payments. But we knew God was with us, and for us. So we remained and waited on God to open doors for us to remodify our loans so we could save the house. We simply didn’t have anywhere else to go. It was a daily walk of faith. We held on to what He said, for it was all that we had. We couldn’t tell our family or ask for help even when in the midst of our financial hardship. This was what we felt the Lord had said when we prayed about our house:
1. Your second loan will be forgiven completely
2. Our first loan will be remodified (this will stop the foreclosure process under new loan term)
3. When this is in place, it is a sign that Huey will also have a full time employment.
All three promises did fulfill in the exact order. In fact, that second loan was forgiven just a few days before an adverse law was implemented, where taxes had to be paid on all forgiven loans, a large amount. We learned that God specifically did not provide Huey with a new and stable job that allowed us to resume payments and secure our house. Instead, He wanted His grace to go before us and made a way when there is no way.
It is more than a testimony and a story about our house. It is God’s glory in placing His people to intercede, heal and reconcile the people and land to Him. It’s about Kingdom purpose and value. Far more glorious.
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